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Bookkeeper / Page One of Page County

24 hours/Week

In-depth knowledge of Quickbooks, including A/P, A/R, and payroll. Keep accurate financial records. Able to prioritize duties. Responsible for paying payroll and sales taxes as required by taxing agency. Must be able to give monthly and annual reports to Board of Directors and make recommendations as needed.  Will be responsible for W-2’s and 1099’s. Maintains bank accounts and all financial and employee records, donation records, committee and Board reports, grant awards, and general correspondence. Prepare monthly or quarterly receipts for donations. Ability to commutate effectively, both orally and in writing. Proficient in office organization. Ability to identify problems and act to rectify them using analytical thinking and sound judgement. Ability to work well with others Knowledge of computers, accounting and office software, calculators, and other office equipment. Self-motivated and able to work independently. Must be able to travel and have a valid Virginia Driver’s license.

Submit resume, to include current supervisor contact information and at least three references with knowledge of applicant’s ability to perform above dutuies, before Jan. 16, 2023. Submit to

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