Meet Banjo!

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~ Submitted by the Page County Animal Shelter

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Meet Banjo!

This is Banjo! Banjo is an approximately 10-year-old, blue/grey, senior cat. He was brought in to the shelter as an outside cat along with Maybell.

Despite his appearance, Banjo is a very sweet and chatty boy! However, he does frighten somewhat easily and will need to get to know you first. When he was first brought into the shelter, he was fairly sweet, but as time went on he got a little more fussy each day. Then, after about two weeks, he was suddenly fine with staff petting him, touching him, etc. Now he sits at the front of his kennel waiting and meowing for us in the mornings! Banjo is very food motivated and loves wet food and treats, so befriending Banjo should be relatively quick!

Banjo would probably do best in a single-cat household. He has a past history of fighting with other cats and seems like he could be quite the bully. He has since been neutered, so he may calm down some, but after being outside for 10-plus years, he’s not likely to change. Banjo does seem to frighten easily. Sudden movements toward him or strange, new objects (like a brush and dust pan) may startle the poor fellow.

If you’d be interested in getting to know little Banjo, please call the Page County Animal Shelter at (540)-778-2101!

~ For more information or an update on animals available for adoption, contact the Page County Animal Shelter at (540) 778-2101.



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