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August 7, 1890 — As will be seen by reference to our advertising columns the Stanley Furnace and Land Co. propose developing the town of Sands in this county.

This company has bought nearly all the valuable property in and around Sands and in addition owns large tracts of valuable mineral lands adjacent to the town. These lands are rich in manganese and iron ore, and under the vigorous management of this company will assuredly develop many prolific and profitable mines.

Sands is beautifully situated on the S.V.R.R., eight miles south of Luray, and commands a fine view of the upper Hawksbill Valley, one of the loveliest in the state.

It is surrounded by the finest farming lands in the valley and altogether affords facilities for development and business enterprises excelled by few towns in the country. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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