A lack of courage


I retired from the U.S. Army some 17 years ago. And during my service it was wise, and even encouraged by our chain of command, to remain more or less apolitical. But soldiers are human, and as such, we have opinions, even if we keep them to ourselves. 

I never registered as a Democrat nor as a Republican. When it came to politics I was an Independent, but truth be told, back in the days of my active duty, I leaned toward Republican candidates. 

You see, the Army, just like all the branches of our armed forces, needed funding. And the Republicans kept us well funded — not fat, but we had ample money to fund our mission requirements. I, like most of the soldiers I knew, were pleased with that. 

Now here I am, just as you are, in 2020. And I still consider myself an Independent. I can understand some of the policies and stances of both the right and the left wings, just as I can fervently disagree with either side on other issues. But there’s something in my craw right now, and I’ll convey it to you with a question: What has happened to the Republican side of the aisle in Congress?

I’ll tell you what I see:  The men and women in the GOP have become gutless cowards. Are they so intimidated by the President as to keep silent?  Have they been compromised en masse? Where is their courage?

It’s obvious that they care more about their reelections than our citizens.  They remind me of lemmings, running on the coattails of the lead lemming, Trump. And if they keep it up, they just might run off the political cliff. 

No, the Democrats are not without sin. But the Republicans, instead of stepping up, are stepping in it. 

And lately, they stink.

Rick Walker ~ Luray, Va.


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