Before HIPAA and privacy laws…

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The weekly newspaper posted everyone’s health status…(they also published local gossip columns, which were quite popular)

January 1, 1964 — Mrs. Frank Kiblinger, who had the misfortune to fall on the ice last Tuesday and fracture her hip, is resting very well in the R.M. Hospital, where she will remain for several more weeks. 

Little Dixie Foltz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Foltz, has been confined to her home for the past week or so with the mumps. 

Johnnie Huffman had the misfortune to break his finger a week before Christmas, and will have to have a cast on it for eight weeks. 

Ricky and Terry Foltz have been confined to their home with colds. 

Mrs. Melvin Shuler is recovering from a severe attack of flu. Lawrence Emerson is confined to his home with mumps.

Miss Judy Black is confined to her home with mumps. 

Ronnie Campbell is confined to his home with mumps. 

Paul Loewenstein suffered a severe fall Monday while walking on a Luray street. 

Miss Betty Ramey has returned to Berea College, after spending the holidays at her home on Bixler’s Ferry Road. 

Billy Austin has been ill at his home several weeks. 

Mrs. Minnie Monroe is recovering from a severe cold. 

Miss Mae Bricker fell at her home Friday and suffered a broken nose and many cuts and bruises and was a patient several days in the R.M. Hospital. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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