Biden carries Page and Virginia 2-to-1 over Sanders

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By Randy Arrington

Joe Biden needed a big day, and he got just that all throughout the South on Super Tuesday.

The former Vice President went from potentially dropping out of the race (following a poor performance) — to now being the lone contender to challenge Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden won the largest number of delegates in Virginia with 53.3 percent of the votes among 14 candidates still appearing on the ballot. He also won Page County with 693 of the 1,325 votes cast on Tuesday (52.3 percent).

Sanders finished a distant second in both the state and county races, with 23 percent of the vote in Virginia and recording 325 ballots in Page (24.5 percent).

While the vast majority of the Democratic candidates appearing on the Super Tuesday ballot in Virginia had already dropped out of the race, there were four that scored significant votes.

Statewide, Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren finished third, while former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg came in a close fourth. Warren and Bloomberg flip-flopped between third and fourth in most of the 14 primaries held Tuesday, while Biden and Sanders did the same for first and second.

Page County‘s results and percentages came in almost the exact same as the statewide results — except Bloomberg earned 128 votes, compared to Warren’s 116. Another 63 votes were scattered among seven candidates outside the top four. Biden recorded more votes than Sanders in all five voting districts in Page County.

Voter turnout on Tuesday is estimated at about 8.4 percent of the estimated 15,800 registered voters in Page County.

At a cost of about $10,000 — each vote cast in the county’s Super Tuesday Democratic presidential primary cost about $7.55.

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