Bull attack

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August 10, 1961Henry Jewell, 55, was severely injured last Friday when attacked by a 1,600 pound bull on his place in the Morning Star section.

Mr. Jewell, in company with a friend, had gone to the field on the Jewell place to check the cattle when the bull made a vicious lunge, knocking Jewell to the ground.

The animal turned and caught Jewell on his horns, throwing him six to eight feet in the air and then goring him.

But for the interference of the Jewell dog, it might have been fatal.

Mr. Jewell was rushed to the Page Memorial Hospital, where it was found that the animal had penetrated one leg muscle with his horn and that another muscle had been torn from the bone. Jewell also suffered other lacerations, bruises and severe shock.

The dog, a collie, which belongs on the place, did not like the bull, it was said, and it did not take much coaxing to bring him into the fray.

Miss Printz, his companion, said she didn’t think of running down the animal with the truck. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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