Dangerous runaway

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August 11, 1911 Last Thursday morning, as the big fishing party, composed of ladies and gentlemen from Culpeper and Rappahannock, some 12 or 15 in number who had been spending a few days camping on the Shenandoah, near Rileyville, were returning to their respective homes when one of the shaft bolts of a surrey driven by one of the ladies, dropped out in coming down the hill near John S. Kibler’s, near Springfield, causing a runaway, and presenting a dangerous scene to those who looked on.

But as the horse moved rapidly down the hill, the other side bolt fortunately broke loose, leaving the vehicle on the roadside.

Mrs. Walton Wood in order to avoid the anticipated wreck, jumped from the vehicle in its flight. Mrs. James Yates, who was driving another lady and two children, remained seated, and while none were seriously injured, all were badly frightened.

The horse, which the shafts attached, ran about a mile before being stopped.

After numerous repairs all moved on, glad it was no worse than a scare. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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