Decision 2023-Sheriff of Page County ~ Q&A with Aaron Cubbage

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Aaron Cubbage

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Page Valley News will be publishing profiles of 10 local candidates in four contested county races in this fall’s elections beginning Aug. 14. These Q&As will be published around midday on Mondays and Thursdays over the next five weeks.

Also in September, PVN will be broadcasting pre-recorded debates between the candidates in these four contested races through our new YouTube channel.

Aaron Cubbage

  • Age: 45
  • Education: High School, Mt. Carmel Christian Academy, 1996; B.S., Government-Pre-Law, Liberty University, 2001; M.S., Criminal Justice, Liberty University, 2018, Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Liberty University.
  • Work: Page County Sheriff’s Office 2002-2019. Served as a patrol corporal, patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant Investigator, and Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division. Stanley Police Department 2020-present. I currently serve as the captain of the police department.
  • Notable Training and Teaching Experience: Graduate (90th Session) Virginia Department of Forensic Science; Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy – Field Training Instructor; Adjunct Professor, Laurel Ridge Community College, FBI Front Line Supervisor School, FBI Leeda Command School. 
  • Family: Wife, Melinda; son, Gavin.

Why are you running for public office?

I want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Page County Sheriff’s Office to better serve those living and visiting our community.

What makes you the best candidate?

I have over 20 years of law enforcement experience in Page County, and my educational background has been tailored to focus on the needs of our community. I have extensive budget and personnel management experience. I am a dedicated law enforcement professional who is excited and prepared to serve as our next Page County Sheriff. I also look forward to working with our Page County Officials to build our sheriff’s office.

What is the most pressing issue facing the Page County Sheriff’s Office?

I believe the most significant issue facing the sheriff’s office is communication with our community. Open communication is essential to addressing our drug problem, balancing our sheriff’s office budget (the most overspent budget in the history of Page County), improving school safety, and helping those in need. As sheriff, I will communicate information to the public efficiently and provide clear expectations for my sheriff’s office team members. I will be receptive to feedback and criticism because all of our community members have a voice, and I am responsible for listening.

What is one thing that you would like to change or improve?

I want to change the culture of the Page County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office is part of our community and should be a leading example of integrity for our citizens. I believe we cannot properly police our county, if we are not accountable for our actions, transparent with our decision-making and spending, and professional with all of our community members.

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

God has provided a plan for me (as a father and husband) in the Bible to serve as the spiritual leader in my household, and I take that responsibility seriously. I sat with my wife and son to discuss the prospect of running for sheriff. I needed to hear from Melinda and Gavin regarding their thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding this possibility. Having the clarity and the context of what it really means to be the sheriff of Page County, a leader in my community, and the leader of my household is why it was vital for me to include my family in this decision. Together, we look forward to serving you. 

Early voting starts Sept. 22


for election information visit the Page County Voter Registrar.



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