Diphtheria in county 

Luray-Main St old

October 13, 1887 — Diphtheria, that terrible scourge especially of children, has already made its appearance in this county.

We learn that a very malignant type is prevailing in the mountains above Marksville. James Bailey, who lives in that neighborhood, has recently lost four children from this disease, all within a very short time, we learn.

It is strange that this malady which is generally believed to originate in bad tenements and aid unwholesome surroundings, should so frequently be met within the mountain districts, where the atmosphere and water are so pure and healthful.

We would be glad to publish an article, explanatory of this fact, from some of our physicians, which might also be suggestive of means of abating the cause, if known.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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