How PVN Works: Hello, let’s talk columns and community

Page Valley News

By Randy Arrington

First off, welcome to

We are an independent, locally-owned community news site serving the people of Page County. We plan to bring our readers stories and images from local government meetings, high school sports and community events. New post can be viewed when they are posted by our notification system. Just click subscribe to new post and click on the categories you are interested in and you will be notified via email of a new post containing that category. We will offer classified listings to buy, sell and trade personal or professional items; and we will provide local job listings, public records and a community calendar.

There’s a lot more… but we’ll get to that in time. That’s the purpose of this weekly column. 

“How PVN Works” will take the reader through a different function of our website each week, from explaining our policy on obituaries, to teasing future plans for new services (think livestreaming). We will discuss ways our readers can interact with the site, and how to get news alerts for specific subject areas, along with many other topics.

This week, let’s talk about columns.

We have already begun to talk with a number of people in the community about writing columns for our site, and we already have about a half dozen folks lined up that are truly experts in the area they will cover. Some have chosen not to use their actual names in order to write with an unfettered pen, and we have allowed that. We want to assure all our readers that each writer is qualified and respected in their area of expertise.

Soon, we will begin publishing columns on history, health, fire safety, folklore, environmental issues and animal care. We welcome others to join our ranks, with the understanding that these individuals have graciously offered their time and talents as a community service — and we hope that you would do the same. 

The purpose of this is not simply to solicit free labor. We truly want to build a sense of community with our website. We want our readers to be involved and share their skills and knowledge.

We encourage readers to send us story ideas, photos, videos or suggestions for the site. You may hit the CONTACT US prompt on the HOME page, or you may email:

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