Meet Patti!


~ Submitted by the Page County Animal Shelter

Page Valley News highlights adoptable pets from the Page County Animal Shelter to showcase their personality!

This sweet little lady is Patti!

Patti is approximately 6 years of age. She is already spayed and vaccinated. Patti was surrendered to the shelter, along with another cat, after her owner had passed away. The family has stated that the two of them never quite got along. Patti always seemed to be the instigator.

It’s believed that it may have something to do with her eyes and not being able to see very well. You’ll notice that Patti’s eyes don’t fully open. This is because Patti has a condition called Entropion. Entropion is a genetic condition where the eyelid folds inward on itself and causes the eyelashes to rub against the surface of the eye. This can create a lot of discomfort.

Usually, a small surgery is performed on the eyelid to correct this issue, however, it appears Patti may have been living with this condition for quite some time. Unfortunately, her eyelid has grown together and part of her eyelid is now missing, making her ineligible to have corrective surgery. Due to this, she may be more prone to developing problems with her eyes later in life. This can include things like infections and ulcerations.

Despite her special needs, Patti is a very loving little lady. She’s always happy to see you and loves to rub up against you. She’s an adorable little chatterbox who would love to have you all to herself!

Shelter life hasn’t been the best for Patti. She stresses herself with crying and trying to get herself out because she wants to be where you are.

Could you be the hero Patti needs?

If you’d be interested in getting to know Patti,

please call the Page County Animal Shelter at (540) 778-2101!

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