Narrow escape

Old country road

March 26, 1964 — Page County Sheriff Clark Long had a harrowing experience Monday afternoon of this week while attempting to arrest a 26-year-old Stanley man. A shot fired by the man from a 30-30 rifle whizzed past Mr. Long’s left ear “under the brim of his hat.”

The sheriff said while he was looking for the man, he came up behind him with the 30- 30 rifle in his hands and surprised him. Getting the “drop on him,” Sheriff Long was ordered by the wanted man to march ahead of him toward the road. It was during this march at gunpoint that the shot was fired.

Later the sheriff was able to grab the man and take away the gun when his attention was distracted by a state trooper and a deputy sheriff who arrived on the scene. The man is now being held in the Page County jail.

The incident occurred when Sheriff Long went to the wanted man’s home near the Stanley ball park to serve a warrant on him for beating up his mother-in-law, also of Stanley, but he was unable to locate him. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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