Post office robbery

Luray-Main St old

July 11, 1889 — For several weeks Mr. Grayson, P.M., has been missing on Monday mornings small amounts from his cash drawer in the Post Office.

He soon suspected that the office had been entered by someone climbing over the partition during his absence — in fact, he had become sure of it, as tracks on several occasions were found on the shelf at one of the windows. All attempts however to catch the thief had proved futile.

Mr. G. then tried the plan of marking several of the coins last Sunday and leaving them in the drawer. Soon after he entered the office and found that they had been taken.

Dan Jeffries, loitering about the premises was suspected and accused of the offense, and on being requested by Mr. G. to show his money denied that he had any, but when pressed, pulled the money out of his pocket, declaring, of course, that it was his.

Mr. G. found it to be the identical coins he had marked. The boy then broke away and was not found till Monday when he was arrested on the river near Bixler’s Ferry by parties in search of him.

He is now in jail. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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