Sprinkling needed

Luray-Main St old

May 1, 1890 — The streets of Luray could not well be dustier than they were last week before the rain. Yet this is the way they will be all the summer, except of course on rainy days.

When the streets are covered with an inch and a half of dust, an hour’s walk will ruin a suit of clothes, and every vehicle which goes by is followed by a cloud of dust almost equal to a sand storm on the Sahara.

Its deleterious effect, however, extends further than the streets, invading the residences of citizens, and good furniture and carpets must be covered to protect them from almost irreparable injury.

Taking this into consideration what reason is there that the streets of Luray should not be sprinkled, and if a private enterprise cannot do it why then let the Council pass an ordinance authorizing such sprinkling, and procure such sprinklers as may be necessary to do the work thoroughly.

This can be done at a small expense, and the cost would not be anything like the loss which the people annually sustain by the dust blowing through their residences and places of business. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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