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October 30, 1890 — A large crowed of animated buyers assembled at Stanley on the 21st and 22nd inst., to attend the first sale of lots by the Stanley Furnace and Land Company.

The company had previously announced their purpose to sell only a limited number of lots, reserving their principal sale till sometime next spring. All the lots set apart for sale were, we are informed, disposed of at figures which promise well for the future of the town and the plans of the Company.

A large number of gentlemen were present from Baltimore, New York and other points.

Since the sale the Company continues to press the work of grading, laying out new streets, etc., and will, we learn, put on a large force next week to construct a railroad into the mountain for the purpose of getting out the quartzite to be used in metaling the streets.

Altogether the outlook for this vigorous young town is all that its promoters could hope for. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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