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April 11, 1889 — Little Lillie, the youngest daughter of Jude Brand, met with a painful and what might have been a serious accident one evening last week. In undertaking to leave the sitting room she ran against the jagged end of a door knob, cutting a gash in the ball of one of her eyes, causing her intense pain and awakening serious fear on the part of her physician, Dr. Hudson, and family of the loss of sight. We are glad to say now, however, that the condition of her eye is greatly improved and that she is likely to suffer no permanent injury. 

Mr. Jacob Sours, who lives on the headwaters of Dry Run, was kicked in the side by a horse last Thursday, which at first gave him but little pain. On Friday, however, he suffered greatly, and by night grew so much worse that he sent for Dr. Keller, his physician, who found three ribs broken. He is quite an old man, but is doing as well as could be expected. 

A little son of Mr. Ed House, who lives near Stony Man, fell on the snow last Monday and broke his arm above the elbow, which was adjusted by Dr. Long. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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