Another mill burns

HISTORY train Luray

April 7, 1887 — The handsome little merchant mill belonging to Mr. Adam Seekford at Alma, in this county, was destroyed by fire last Tuesday night.

The mill was operated by a steam engine, and it is supposed the fire originated from the ashes, which were drawn the evening before.

Mr. Seekford estimates his loss at near $5,000.

The insurance is $2,500 on the mill, machinery, boiler and engine; $500 on stock, though on his team the loss does not exceed $200.

The public sympathizes with Mr. Seekford, as he is a hard-working energetic man, and much of his savings had been invested in his enterprise at Alma.

This is the fourth flouring mill that has burned in this county within about the last year. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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