Auto tag opposition

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March 16, 1989 — A petition to kill the county auto tag was presented at the Page County Board of Supervisors’ meeting Monday afternoon. Arthur Blanchette Sr. of Stanley presented a petition of 1,332 names of residents who opposed the tag.

The supervisors voted 3-2 in January to adopt the county auto tag. According to the Code of Virginia, monies for the tag could not be earmarked for anything specific, but the supervisors voting for the decal said that the generated revenue would help to establish a county-wide trash program.

The decal was originally proposed at $15 for motor vehicles, and $8 for motorcycles. Following strong vocal criticism at a December public meeting, tag supporters voted to lower the tag to $8 for vehicles and $4 for motorcycles. Antique vehicles remained at the $1 fee. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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