Baltimore horse thief on the run from marshall

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October 31, 1889Last Friday Sheriff Chapman received a letter from the Marshall of Baltimore requesting him to “arrest Calvin Grimes on the charge of horse stealing.”

“Description: 22 years of age; brown hair, hazel eyes, small mustache, painter by trade. Grimes has received mail at our post office recently. I will send requisition on receipt of your early advices that he has been apprehended.” Signed Jacob Frey, Marshall.

Mr. Chapman, on receipt of the letter, had heard nothing of such a man being in the county, but the same day he received the information he happened to be at the depot in this place, and noticed a man which answered pretty clearly the description of Grimes as furnished by the marshall.

His suspicion was verified on asking a bystander with whom Grimes had been talking as to who he was and on receiving the reply that his name was Grimes, and that he was going to Baltimore by the next train.

Mr. Chapman at once summoned Mr. J.K. McKay to assist him in the arrest, but Mr. McK. understood Mr. C. to request him to meet him at the train then pulling in, handing Mr. McK. at the time his pistol.

Mr. C. then went to Grimes, laying his hand on this shoulder and informed him that he was his prisoner. Grimes demanded the Sheriff ’s authority.

Mr. C. produced the marshall’s letter and was reading it, when Grimes broke and ran. Mr. Chapman and Mr. McKay followed him in hot pursuit, Mr. Chapman shooting at him twice.

Grimes finally made his escape, though followed by the sheriff and posse for several miles. Grimes was arrested the next day at Honeyville by Mr. W.D. Jett, who put him in charge of two men named Nauman and Hilliards, who brought him to the depot at Marksville.

While there waiting for the train, Grimes again made his escape from Nauman and Hilliards, and is still at large.

Every effort, has since been made to secure him, but all without result.

The authorities of this county have put to considerable trouble and expense in the matter for which we suppose they will be compensated by the Baltimore authorities. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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