Battle against rats

Luray museum

October 27, 1887 — Capt. M.V.B. Kite marshaled his forces one evening last week and attacked a regiment of rats that had taken possession and gone into winter quarters in his mill near Marksville, this county.

After a fierce fight in which were slain 67 rats, weighing gross 26 pounds, Mr. Kite’s troops triumphed. 

In other related news…

Mr. Isaac S. Comer, son of Geo. H. Comer, Esq., who lives on the Hawksbill, near Stony Man, inflicted a painful wound on the forefinger of his left hand one day last week while engaged shooting rats.

The wound was dressed by Dr. Grove, and though a serious one, we are glad to hear that amputation was not considered necessary. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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