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January 13, 1887 — Last Monday night the iron safe of Mr. J.V. Jamison in his office in East Luray was blown open by burglars. The outer iron of the door of the safe was drilled through and through the hole the powder was poured in, which, it is supposed was then exploded by means of a fuse.

The burglars got but little booty for their labor, not more than about $2, as it is not Mr. J.’s habit to keep treasure of that kind where thieves may break through and steal. The papers and books were not molested. There was also about $2 in pennies in the safe which was not taken.

The work was a very bold one, as Mr. J.’s office is near Main Street. No clue has yet been gotten as to the perpetrators of the crime, though it is thought to be by no means certain that it was the work of the “professionals.” 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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