Buggy accident

Luray museum

August 28, 1890A party consisting of a number of our townspeople visited Stony Man last Thursday, among whom were Mr. W.A. Hawkins and Miss Lillie Sentinen, a guest of Mr. W.M. Fielding’s.

As the two latter were coming down the mountain in a buggy on their return, the horse became unmanageable from some cause and rushed over the high wall at one of the sharp turns in the road, carrying the buggy and Miss S. down the rocky steep for several rods.

Miss S. was badly hurt, and was conveyed with difficulty to Mr. Fielding’s, where her injuries were treated by Dr. Keller.

She has since almost entirely recovered.

The buggy was broken all to pieces and the horse badly scarred.

The road to Stony Man is a nice grade for such a height, but still too much care cannot be taken in its descent with vehicles. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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