Capt. Owens receives Law Enforcement Medal from Sons of the American Revolution

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Captain Stevie Owens (center) of the Page County Sheriff's Office was presented a "Law Enforcement Commendation and Medal" from Randy Atkins (right) of the Sons of the American Revolution recently, as Major Pete Monteleone of PCSO looks on.

~ Press release provided by Randy Atkins, on behalf of Sons of the American Revolution

At its September meeting, the Fort Harrison Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution presented Captain Stevie Owens a Law Enforcement Commendation and Medal. Captain Owens began his law enforcement career in 2005, and for the last 18 years has served this community with a standard of service, devotion, and dedication that is second to none. All of Captain Owens’ time has been served with the Page County Sheriff’s [Office].

Captain Owens began his career in law enforcement with the Page County Sheriff’s Office in April of 2005. After graduating from the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Academy with a Jail Certification, Captain Owens began his career working his first two years in the Page County Jail. In 2007, Captain Owens was promoted to the Patrol Division, and he attended Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Academy, where he graduated with an Advanced Law Enforcement Diploma and became Patrol certified. Over the next four years of working in Patrol, Captain Owens received training and certifications in Basic and Advanced SWAT, Tactical Combat, and Search and Rescue. In 2009, Captain Owens received the Police Medal of Honor for his courageous actions and call to duty of putting his life on the line for the safety of his community.  

Captain Owens began having a passion for the Crime Prevention part of Law Enforcement. In 2009, he was promoted to Corporal over the Crime Prevention and Civil Process Division. Captain Owens was very proactive in this role. He made efforts to visit the schools in Page County daily building relationships with students and teachers. He took the initiative to learn and grow as a supervisor. He attended numerous trainings such as:  FBI First line supervisor, Crime Prevention Certification, GREAT Certified (Gang Resistance Education and Training), Civil Process and Court Security Certified, and School Resource Certified. Captain Owens became a member of the Emergency Response Team, became a certified instructor for R.A.D.( Rape Aggression Defense), and a Project Lifesaver Instructor.  In 2016, Captain Owens was promoted to Sergeant over the Crime Prevention and Civil Process Division.

While Continuing to Work and serve in the Crime Prevention Division, Captain Owens was a member of PACA (Page Alliance Community Actions) and TRIAD. His active involvement in these groups led him to many speaking engagements. He also spoke in the schools and other public events throughout the community. His active involvement in PACA helped to implement programs such as Hidden in Plain Sight, an anonymous tip line, and the first ever Party Patrol and Compliance Checks. Captain Owens became very proactive in developing threat assessments for the Page County Public School System. He partnered with PCPS to develop a threat assessment curriculum. He held informational trainings to inform teachers and administrators of these threat assessments. Captain Owens also helped develop safety plans for each school in the Page County division.

In 2016, Captain Owens worked with Sheriff Cubbage to implement the first ever overnight Page County Sheriff’s Camp. This camp gave kids in our community the opportunity to experience individual and team building activities and interact with law enforcement in a positive and effective manner. The camp was free for all kids because of the efforts of the Crime Prevention Division, alongside Sheriff Cubbage, who raised money from willing community businesses who desired to see this vision come to fruition. The summer camp still continues to this day.

In 2018, Captain Owens was promoted to Captain in the Patrol Division. During his time in this position he became certified as the Emergency SWAT Commander and Decision Maker and attended the FBI LEEDA Leadership training. He received the Life Saver Award for rescuing a citizen out of a burning vehicle and also received awards for the tragic incident that occurred with the shooting of Officer Nick Winum. 

On September 1, 2023 Captain Owens was sworn by the US Marshals Service, becoming the first ever US Marshal from the Page County Sheriff’s [Office].

Captain Owens continues to serve in his role as the Captain of patrol. He has a passion for serving his community and is actively involved in his duty and call to protect and serve.



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