Claud kept his promise

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January 19, 1911 — Ten years ago Claud Lineweaver — then 10 years old — told his little sweetheart of eight summers that when he got to be 20 years old he would marry her.

The little girl said “yes,” and then forgot the promise. A few years later Claud went west with his father to Leavenworth, Kansas. “Remember, when I am 20,” were the last words Claud said to his child sweetheart.

Last Tuesday was Claud’s 20th birthday.

At the Reformed church parsonage in Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Miss Margaret Smoot, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Smoot, became the bride of Mr. Claude E. Lineweaver, of Leavenworth, Kan.

Claud kept his promise!

The young man above referred to is a son of Mr. W.J. Lineweaver, years ago a resident of the Promise Land section of this county. From Page the family moved to the state of Kansas. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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