Closing down Luray at 7:45

HISTORY train Luray

May 29, 1890The strong feeling exhibited by the townsfolk of Luray, and the earnest desire of our merchants for rest and relief both for themselves and their hard-worked clerks, has at least culminated in an agreement to close the stores at 7:45 every evening.

In order, however, to most meet the wishes of all, it has been decided to make a concession in regard to the wants of the Tannery people and the stores will be kept open later on pay nights, and also on Saturday nights.

We congratulate the promoters of this movement, and feel assured that our merchants will be amply repaired for the concessions they have made.

Purchasers will keep in mind that all this means rest and needed recreation to a number of deserving young men, and that it is in their power to insure its permanency.

There may be a few disappointed, but the majority of purchasers will see that their orders are given early in the day, and will patronize the stores that close early.

A little sacrifice at this time, a little departure from the old groove, will have a telling effect. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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