Dampened turnout at Rendezvous

Luray panoramic

June 22, 1989 — Weekend rains managed to put a damper on the second Blue Ridge Mountain Rendezvous, held at the Country Waye Campground near Kimball last weekend.

Joseph Harty, coordinator for the event, said Friday that rally officials expected in excess of 500 motorcyclists at the weekend festivities. However, in a telephone interview Monday, Harty said that 258 bikers showed up for the event.

“As the event went, it was successful,” Harty said. “Financially, it was a disaster. We have to sit down with our tax man and figure out what to do now.”

Harty said that it was too early to predict whether or not the group would be returning to Luray next year. Bikers this year came from all over the United States — Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana.

Harty said the biker coming the greatest distance was from Huntington Beach, Calif., a total of 2,864 miles. 

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