Decision 2023-District 2 Supervisor ~ Q&A with Paula Kibler

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Paula Kibler

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Page Valley News will be publishing profiles of 10 local candidates in four contested county races in this fall’s elections beginning Aug. 14. These Q&As will be published around midday on Mondays and Thursdays over the next five weeks.

Also in September, PVN will be broadcasting pre-recorded debates between the candidates in these four contested races through our new YouTube channel.

Paula Kibler

  • Age: 62
  • Education: 1979 graduate of Page County High School; Bauder Fashion College; Blue Ridge Community College; 1981 Elizabeth Brant School of Business Secretarial Science Diploma and Lord Fairfax Community College; yearly continuing education through Edward Jones.
  • Work:  Edward Jones Investments, 2010-present (Sr. Branch Office Administrator); Valley Care Management (Marketing Director) 2005-2010; Page County Public Schools (Truancy Officer) 2000-2005; Owner Outside/Inside(Home Decor and Gift Shop), 1999-2000; Farmers & Merchants National Bank, 1989-1999 (Compliance Officer); First American Bank of Virginia, 1982-1989 (numerous banking positions).
  • Family: Husband, Wayne.
  • Community Service: Currently President of the Luray Downtown Initiative; past Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Executive Director of the Page County United Way, and a United Way Board Member; Board of Directors for the Page Valley Fair, previously served as Secretary.

Why are you running for public office?

Over the years I have been approached by friends and family asking  me “why don’t you run for an elected office” and at those particular times I wasn’t ready. There are several reasons now why I want to run for office. I want to make a positive impact on our county and the way to do that is to get involved! I was fortunate as a young girl to watch my grandfather Ralph Burner, who served on the Shenandoah Town Council for many years, be a servant to our town and that instilled a desire in myself to be of service to my community.

I reference the Luray RV Park… while this is a beautiful RV resort, did anyone think about the people who are Page County residents and derive their living from cabin rentals, think about the money that could be taken out of their pockets by approving a resort of this magnitude, think about how it will and is affecting our current infrastructure? I personally miss the beauty of  the untouched land before the resort. The rumblings I am hearing about a visitor center… why,  when we have a beautiful visitor center in town that brings people into our town who spend money at local businesses!  Why not use way finding signs and work with each town and ask their opinion as to how the county can best serve each town?  

Thomas Eddison once said that “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” I feel Page County is a County of Opportunity!

What makes you the best candidate?

I believe my ability to connect with individuals on a common sense level is what the people want. I want to do what is best for all citizens of our county, not just a select few. I have been volunteering in this community since 1999, and I believe that service has allowed me to connect with people from different economic, educational and occupational backgrounds and stay connected to the needs of our citizens.

What is the most pressing issue facing Page County?

I believe we have several. During this past week’s Page Valley Fair — what I like to think about as being the summer melting pot of the county — I asked our residents this exact question. The majority along with myself reference the need for affordable housing, showing respect for our law enforcement and our school personnel — both law enforcement and school personnel need to have the backing of our community.

Since Page County is a very popular tourist destination, we need to protect our natural resources, if not, our local economy will not see the tourist dollar, which would be devastating to our local economy. We need to always remember that we are here to protect and serve our community.

What is one thing that you would like to change or improve?

Improved communication both internally with our county employees and the Citizens of Page County.  I would also like our county to feel that they can respect and have a trust and firm belief that we will have their best interest at heart. I hope to earn that respect and trust in District 2 if elected.

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

I am currently the President of the Luray Downtown Initiative and I have chosen to be an active president. I work closely with our program director on a daily basis to discuss the economic vitality of our downtown and promoting existing  and attracting new businesses to our local community. We have assembled a team of community leaders that are invested in the downtown and keeping it alive.

Early voting starts Sept. 22


For election information visit the Page County Voter Registrar.



Kibler makes first bid for public office and enters race for District 2 seat on board of supervisors

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