Fire department’s new officers approved by council

Councilman Charles Jenkins, Vice Mayor William Kite, Town Manager Junaita Roudabush and Mayor Clinton O. Lucas Jr. discuss issues on the Jan. 14 meeting agenda.

By Randy Arrington

SHENANDOAH, Jan. 14 — The newly elected officers of the Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company received unanimous approval of the Shenandoah Council last month.

Mayor Clinton O. Lucas Jr. noted that the action taken by council serves as a formality mandated by the town’s charter.

“We don’t intervene” the mayor said. The motion to approve the list of officers was noted as being “as elected by the fire company membership.”

The one-year term for the new officers runs from Jan. 5, 2020 to Jan. 3, 2021. New officers were recently sworn in at town hall. Among those new officers are:

  • PRESIDENT — Ikey Parks
  • VICE PRESIDENT — K.L. Jenkins
  • SECRETARY — Roy Smith Jr.
  • TREASURER — David Huffman
  • CHAPLAIN — Ernie Shifflett
  • CHIEF — Dustin Lucas
  • ASST. CHIEF — James Williams
  • CAPTAIN — Zack Gentry
  • SECOND LIEUTENANT — Ernie Shifflett
  • THIRD LIEUTENANT — Lester Hensley
  • CHIEF TRUCK DRIVER — Gary Taylor
  • EMS OFFICER — Dustin Lucas
  • CHIEF FIRE WARDEN — Billy Foltz
  • WARDENS — Bobby Comer Sr., Bobby Comer Jr., Joe Stover

The Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Company has been serving the community for more than a century and sits at 201 Pennsylvania Ave., Shenandoah, Va. 22849 To inquire about volunteering or donations, please call (540) 652-8888.

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