First White Christmas in 16 years

Horse drawn sleigh

December 28, 1961 — There was no fooling about it this time. It was a white Christmas with all the trimmings. According to the weather reports, most of the United States reported a blanket of snow to add to the Christmas spirit.

But also with slick and icy roads came a rash of accidents which pushed the national traffic death toll to better than 550 for the weekend. There were 17 traffic deaths in Virginia.

Snow began to fall here about noon Saturday and continued until last evening only to start up again during the night. Sunday morning the trees and shrubbery were laden, and some five inches of snow bedecked the countryside.

The skies were cloudy for the most part on Christmas Eve, but the sun came out bright on Christmas Day making it an ideal day for the usual visiting and family gatherings and dinners.

It was the first genuine white Christmas in 16 years. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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