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HISTORY train Luray

June 1, 1961 A six-room frame house on the George Willi Jr. farm northwest of Luray was practically destroyed by fire about 11:30 Sunday night of this week.

Occupants of the home, Nelson Louderback Jr. and his family, lost all their belongings in the blaze.

The Luray Fire Department was called and valiantly fought the fire, pumping water from a cistern and a nearby pond.

Several outbuildings and a large barn near the house escaped damage due to the efforts of the Luray firemen.

However the dwelling house is damaged beyond repair and is considered a total loss.

The Luray Fire Department was called back to the scene about 5 o’clock Monday morning when the smoldering ruins flared up again.

The fire is thought to have started from a gas stove in the kitchen and gained great headway before being discovered by the sleeping family.

One member of the family is said to have escaped the inferno by jumping from a second- story window. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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