Huge walnut tree felled

Old country road

October 18, 1962 — A huge walnut tree, said by Frank Kiblinger to be the largest ever taken from Page County, was felled this week on the Lawrence Foltz land and transported to a shipping point for Germany.

The tree will be used for the manufacture of walnut veneer. The 90-foot tree had a circumference of 18 feet and a trunk diameter of 62 inches. 

Mr. Kiblinger said he estimated the age at 150 years.

The tree was taken from the land now owned by Lawrence Foltz. Mr. Kiblinger said he was very familiar with the old tree since it was once owned by his grandfather, George Bailey, an auctioneer. The place has always been known as the Park Place.

When felled, the giant trunk was so heavy that special equipment had to be brought in to get it on the truck. The log alone was estimated to contain 841 board feet. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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