Improvements being made at Skyland

January 12, 1911 — The extensive improvements at Skyland for the coming season began in earnest with the beginning of the New Year. Already several horse wagons are daily carrying up the mountain the lumber for these improvements. 

Mr. Pollock has given the contract to furnish the lumber to Messrs. James O. Bailey and Co., of Luray, and it will require six teams for the next five months to deliver the lumber and mill stuff. 

All the windows, doors, etc., will be manufactured by the Luray Planing Mill. 

Mr. J.B. Holmes, of Luray, has contracted with Mr. Pollock to build six of the new cottages and the others will be built by Mr. Pollock himself, with the large force of carpenters he expects to employ for this work. 

It will require 400 cords of wood to supply the many fireplaces at Skyland next summer, and at present a force of 12 men are engaged by cutting and attacking this wood. 

Mr. Frank Stover, of Luray, is submitting bids for the new waterworks and sewerage to be installed at Skyland this spring, as well as for a large 200-light acetylene gas plant to be installed. All lights in the dining hall, ball room, and for lighting the grounds will be controlled by electricity so that all may be lighted simultaneously by throwing a switch. 

The improvements already contracted for will add 60 bedrooms to the capacity of Skyland, and other buildings are still to be built. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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