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HISTORY-Lee highway builders

January 24, 1889 — The lumber men are shipping great quantities of white oak lumber north from this place. 

The mill of Mr. Wm. F. Welfley caught fire one night last week, and in trying to extinguish the flames Mr. W. fell and broke one of his arms just below the elbow. It is a bad fracture, and he suffers considerably from it. Dr. H.C. Welfley rendered the necessary surgical attention. The fire did but little damage to the mill before it was extinguished. 

Mr. Jas. P. Graves, who broke his leg during the holidays, is doing well, and is now getting around on crutches. 

Mr. Robert Lee Beaver has moved from Kimball to Marksville, and is on the farm of Messrs. J.E. and Walter Biedler. 

Mrs. Jas. Leeth has left Marksville and moved near Leaksville. 

There are two flour and feed stores at the station. Both seem to be doing a thriving business. 

Mrs. Carrie Clinedinst is teaching Mr. James Graves’ school while he is disabled. 

There is talk of more new buildings being erected at the station. 

The measles and whopping cough are thinning out some of our schools considerably. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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