Meet Bubba!


~ Submitted by the Page County Animal Shelter

Page Valley News highlights adoptable pets from the Page County Animal Shelter to showcase their personality!

This is Bubba!

Bubba is an approximately 4 year old male tabby. He was brought to the shelter after he was left behind when his owners moved away.

Bubba is a handsome and chatty man. He always has something to say and loves to tell you what’s on his mind. What makes Bubba’s little chats extra cute is that he expresses himself using different tones in his voice. When he’s looking for you, Bubba will make his cries more urgent. Once he finds you, he switches to a gentle, happy tone. We like to call it his “inside voice.”

He’s super sweet and loves people. He’s always happy to be in your company and misses you when you’re gone. He’d make an excellent companion for someone who’s looking for somebody to talk to!

If you’d be interested in having a chat with Bubba,

please send the shelter an email inquiry or call the Page County Animal Shelter at (540) 778-2101.

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