Meet Jack!


~ Submitted by the Page County Animal Shelter

Page Valley News highlights adoptable pets

from the Page County Animal Shelter to showcase their personality.

This is Jack!

Named after the legendary pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, this handsome boy is approximately 2 years old. He has been neutered, vaccinated, and tested positive for FIV. Jack was brought to us after he was discovered as a stray. The citizen who brought him in was kind enough to get Jack medical attention, but was unable to keep him due to concern that he would harass their birds.

Feline immunodeficiency virus, also known as FIV, is very similar to AIDS in humans and is sometimes referred to as feline AIDS. FIV just means that Jack has a weakened immune system and is more vulnerable to illnesses than other cats. FIV is NOT contagious to humans in any way, but can be contagious to other cats. However, FIV does not typically spread through everyday interactions like eating/drinking from the same bowl or social grooming. FIV is usually only spread through bites or when a mother gives birth to kittens. Cats with FIV often live long, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Ahoy matey! Gather ’round and hear the tale of Captain Jack! With a continuous wink, Jack commands the high seas aboard his trusty vessel, the Black Purrl. Together, they sail through stormy seas, seeking catnip and adventure wherever the winds may blow. So hoist the colors high and join them on their daring ventures, for with Captain Jack at the helm, life is sure to be a thrilling adventure!

If you’d like to sail the seven seas with Jack,

please send the shelter an email inquiry or call the Page County Animal Shelter at (540) 778-2101. Please keep an eye out for our email reply. Sometimes they find their way to the spam/junk folder.

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