Miss Virginia’s crown found on deer head in Shenandoah

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October 19, 1961According to an Associated Press dispatch from Roanoke, the Miss Virginia crown which has been missing since last week has been located at Shenandoah on a deer head trophy.

The crown that once adorned the “dear head” of Miss Charlotte Anne Thomas in Roanoke when she was chosen Miss Virginia, now adorns a deer head in the home of Billy Thomas, it was learned this week.

Miss Thomas put the crown atop a vending machine in a Staunton hotel while checking in last Thursday. When she came back for it later, it was gone.

Mr. Thomas, registered at the same hotel, found it hanging on the doorknob of his room.

“I thought someone had hung it on my door as some sort of a joke,” he said. “Right now it’s hanging on a 20-point buck at home and I bet I have the prettiest deer head in the state.”

Thomas discovered just what the deer was wearing when he read about Miss Virginia’s missing crown in the newspaper.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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