‘Most wicked storm since 1899’


March 8, 1962 — Fickle March winds blew winter’s most wicked storm since 1899 through the Page Valley this week bringing complete paralysis of activity and considerable hardship and damage to the area.

The main center of the storm passed Tuesday evening and on Wednesday, under a spring sun, the populace began to dig out. The Highway Department reported 35 inches of snow in Luray Tuesday evening and still falling. Six more inches fell on Tuesday night after a brief respite, bringing the total to 41 inches.

There was considerable damage as many roofs, awnings and sheds collapsed from the heavy load of wet snow. The big shed at Moyer Brothers on East Main Street in Luray collapsed, as did scores of steel awnings (including the Page News and Courier’s).

Luckily there were no fires reported as the fire apparatus could not have possibly operated in the deep snow. Doctors were busy and in spite of the unfavorable conditions brought medical help, thanks to four wheel drive and chains.

There were few indeed who could leave their homes on Tuesday morning at the height of the storm. At this time the snow was 32 inches deep and had drifted as much as six feet in places. All businesses, stores, schools and plants in Page were closed and for the most part remained closed for Wednesday. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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