Murder or suicide?

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January 12, 1911 — Miss Grace Elosser, who met her death in Cumberland several days ago by being murdered, or with suicidal intent, swallowed a dose of cyanide (the most deadly poison known), was a visitor to the Luray Caverns on one of the many Maryland-West Virginia excursions here during the past summer. The daily papers have been teeming with graphic accounts of the fearful tragedy.

Miss Elosser, of Cumberland, and Charles Twigg, of Keyser, W.Va., who were to have been married, were found dead in the Elosser home the day before the date set for the wedding. Diligent search so far has failed to determine whether it was a case of murder on the part of Twigg, or a suicide pact on the part of Twigg and the girl.

So baffling is the case that the county and city authorities (and a dozen or more detectives) have practically abandoned it.

Twigg, who was a well-to- do merchant at Keyser, is reported to have been well-known to several members of the Page colony residing in that town, and Miss Elosser was doubtless known to a number of former Page people living in South Cumberland.

Miss Elosser, on the occasion of her visit to the Caverns, spent a short time at Mr. M.W. Yates’, near Luray. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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