New church at Hamburg

Mauck Meeting House
Mauck Meeting House, formally known as Mill Creek Church, circa 1770, is one of Page County’s oldest buildings.

March 14, 1889 — Messrs. Jos. T. Strickler, Philip Long, Jno. W. Long, Daniel S. Hite, M.V. Gander, Reuben Ruffner, A.D. and A.J. Brubaker, of the Old School Baptist Church, have been appointed to a committee to solicit subscriptions to build a new church near Hamburg.

It is proposed to erect a brick building about 35×50 feet, to cost about $2,000.

The building will begin early in the summer, if sufficient funds are raised, which the committee feels assured that the liberality of the people will guarantee. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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