News from Hope Mills

HISTORY-Lee highway builders

June 11, 1891 — Mrs. Robert L. Hisey of Big Spring was so unfortunate a few days ago while eating chicken soup as to swallow a small bone, which lodged in her throat, from which she has suffered intensely. So far all efforts have failed to dislodge the bone.

Our preacher has moved into the new parsonage at Rileyville, just completed for the Page circuit.

Our new mill is now ready for active service, and will make some 30 barrels of flour per day. A new house will also be built at Hope Mills to be occupied by our miller.

Wheat is looking fine in this section of the county; grass not so promising.

We are looking forward to that day when Mr. Barbee will have completed the Confederate Soldier, whose unveiling and other ceremonies will present one of the grandest and most notable days the Page Valley has ever witnessed.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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