‘No such storm was ever witnessed here before’

Luray museum

November 26, 1891That was a business-like blow that fell down upon Luray last Monday morning about 11 o’clock. It came without warning, and for a few minutes no such storm was ever witnessed here before.

Houses trembled and so did the occupants. The water fell in torrents and was lifted from the ground by the wind in sheets. Much damage was done to a number of buildings around town.

The Female Institute and the dwellings of Messrs. A.J. Campbell and A. Broaddus were partially unroofed. The large glass front in Mr. Ford’s store was demolished. An old stable, near the creek, blew down in which there were three horses. All were gotten out without injury.

The wind mill on the premises of Mr. Jas. B. Hudson, which has been supplying water for Court Street, was entirely demolished.

Throughout the county the wind was very heavy, blowing down fences, corn shocks and trees.

It was a regular cyclone on a small scale. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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