Q&A on COVID-19 and PCPS

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~ Posted on Page County Public Schools Facebook page Sunday, March 15

School Closure Questions and Answers

What if I need to pick up some medication or materials during this closure?
Schools will be open for employees on Monday, March 16. Please come by the school office to pick what you need by noon. If you cannot make it by noon, please contact the office. After Monday, schools will remain closed to the public until further notice. 

What about my child’s assignments and instruction this week?
These next two weeks are being considered an “extended spring break”. Students will not be required to complete any assignments; however, Page County Public Schools will be sharing a list of resources for families if you would like some things to practice and work on while at home. These resources will be posted on the website and Facebook soon. 

What about my child’s assignments and instruction after these two weeks?
Starting on March 30, schools will open up for distribution of review “packets” or “activity choice cards”. The exact plan for the distribution is still being worked out; however, all students in elementary and middle school will have a hard copy of the packets and high school students have the assignments provided digitally or in hard copy. These packets will provide guided practice and review for the reinforcement of skills learned thus far that will cover another two weeks if we are still out of school. 

What about extracurricular activities and practices?
Per the order of the Governor, no activities or practices are allowed during the closure. If anything changes with that mandate, we will let everyone know.

Will this affect the length of the school year?
At this time, there are no considerations for lengthening the school year; however, this is subject to change depending on further directives and/or closures.

What about food for my children that receive free or reduced-price meals?
Meals provided at our schools are an important part of our students’ daily nutrition. 

In an effort to continue feeding breakfast and lunch meals to all children, Page County Public Schools will be providing delivered meals to homes. All children 18 and under qualify for a free delivered meal – children do not need to be enrolled in Page County Public Schools. Children must be present at the time of delivery. Delivery times will be announced. 

Deliveries will begin this Tuesday and will take place Mondays through Fridays. Please go to our webpage and click the link bit.ly/pcpsfreemeals(FREE MEALS FOR STUDENTS) to request a meal. Or, you can text or call 540-860-0848 to leave a message with the address for delivery, number of children at the residence, and any food allergies. We are an equal opportunity provider.

bit.ly/pcpsfreemeals .

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