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May 26, 1887Mr. Thomas H. Menefee, son of Mr. G.G. Menefee, of this county, left Page 15 years ago, when only a boy aged 20.

He now lives in Terra Haute, Ind., and is a locomotive engineer on the Vandalia route, in whose service he has been ever since he left the Page Valley.

We have recently been shown an article from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat containing a long and graphic account of one of Mr. M.’s exploits in the line of his profession that is calculated to make him famous not only in this country but also abroad.

In a run of eighteen and seven-tenth miles on his route he made the distance in 16 minutes, or a mile in about 51-1/8 seconds.

The Vandalia officers, so the Globe- Democrat says, are justly proud of the record, and The Courier is proud to know that it was made by a Page boy. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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