Remarkable rescue

Luray-Cave Hill

July 3, 1890One of the most remarkable rescues from a sad and tragic death that has ever come to our knowledge is that reported to us which occurred at Mr. John Sours, who lives near Hamburg, this county, last Saturday evening.

Mrs. S. was dipping water from a cistern in the yard, her little 2-year-old child playing nearby.

Mrs. S.’s attention being diverted from the work for a moment, on returning she saw the child fall headforemost into the cistern which had in it about six feet of water.

Greatly excited of course, she rushed to the rescue just in time to see the little fellow come to the top, but all her efforts were without success.

She then ran to Mr. Rickard’s, a neighbor who lives about 300 yards distant, and Mr. R., fortunately being at home, hurried to get the child out, though thinking of course to find it dead.

To his great surprise he found it still floating on its back in the water, having by this time been in the cistern at least a quarter of an hour.

He quickly took the little Moses out, and though in an unconscious condition, life was not extinct.

Restoratives being applied, the child soon regained consciousness, and in a half day was as well as usual, though the day after it lay for sometime in a semi-unconscious condition, whether from the effects of the cold bath or from strangulation we are unable to state.

At this writing, however, we learn that the child is as well as ever.

Altogether, as stated above, it is the most remarkable rescue we ever heard of. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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