Shaffer knocked from train by those ‘full of mean liquor’

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January 5, 1911 — Mr. Oliver Shaffer, son of Mr. Simon Shaffer, recently removed from Page to Prince William, on his way to Page on Christmas Eve, was knocked from the train by a lot of young fellows full of mean liquor.

The affair occurred on the southern road some distance north of Front Royal. Young Shaffer’s foot hung in a stirrup on the car. He was dragged for some distance and fearfully bruised about the head and face, and when the doctors had finished bandaging him he looked like a Ku-Klux.

The case has been put in the hands of attorneys Leedy and Berry, and if the affair is as represented by the young man, about which we have no reason to doubt, somebody ought to suffer severely for the wrong done Mr. Shaffer. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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