Skunk raid

Luray-Cave Hill

June 7, 1962G. William Sedwick, cashier of the Page Valley National Bank, had a close call Saturday evening of last week when he encountered a skunk in the banking quarters.

After some cautious maneuvers Mr. Sedwick was able to induce the animal to take refuge in a waste basket which he hastily covered and carried to the rear door where the basket and all was hastily dumped.

It seems that workmen had left the basement door ajar during the week and it is presumed the animal entered the big fireproof structure through the basement door making his way eventually to the main banking floor where Mr. Sedwick discovered him sleeping peacefully in the corner of the consultation room.

“It was a nice skunk,” he said, “because I thought it was a kitten and was about to handle him as such when I discovered the mistake. The skunk, however, seemed not to be disturbed and ran into the waste basket papers — very much to my joy. He was really pretty.” 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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