Smart dog

Luray-Main St old

November 6, 1890 — Mr. A.J. Campbell has the smartest dog in this town, and is always the companion of his master.

Sometime ago Mr. C. and Lee (that’s the dog’s name) were coming up Main Street, Lee carrying a bone. When near Mr. Buracker’s corner Lee saw another dog in the distance and at once began to suspect that the bone might cause a racket, and to avoid any such unpleasantness stepped around the corner and hid his bone before the other dog saw him.

When the other dog was out of reach he went back and got his bone and continued his peaceable course homeward.

Let Lee be anywhere, and all it takes is a tap of Mr. C.’s cane on the pavement or anywhere, and he is at once at his master’s side. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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