Supporting our troops in the Persian Gulf

Shenandoah Memorial Day

January 31, 1991 — Flags fluttered in the late January breeze as some 300 persons marched through Shenandoah Saturday in support of the U.S. Troops in the Persian Gulf.

Speaking to the crowd gathered in the Shenandoah Wrangler plant parking lot before the march, Shenandoah Mayor Clinton Lucas Jr. said Iraqi president Saddam Hussein “may be worse than Hitler.”

Taking Kuwait was Hussein’s first step in controlling the world and he figured he could do it without a fight, Lucas said, adding that the war may have eventually spread to U.S. soil if no action had been taken.

“The least we can do is what we’re doing today — showing our support,” Lucas said. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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  1. History showed that Saddam’s ragtag military couldn’t even defend his own backyard, much less “spread to US Soil”…heck, a couple hundred good old boys from southern Page County could have probably taken Baghdad with a little air support from the US Military…LOL…let’s just say Mayor Lucas’s short-lived career as a foreign policy and military expert thankfully did not lead to an appointment at the prestigious Army War College, shocking I know…haha

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