Warren County reports first COVID-19 fatality

COVID-19 Coronavirus in Page County, Virginia
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By Randy Arrington

LURAY, May 9 — The Virginia Department of Health reported the first fatality related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Warren County on Saturday morning.

At the end of March, Warren County had three reported cases of COVID-19. This morning, the VDH reported a total of 82 cases, with nine hospitalized and one death. Those figures reflect four new cases and two hospitalized since yesterday.

Page County saw five new cases of the novel coronavirus reported Saturday, along with one additional death. That brings Page’s cumulative totals to 128 reported cases, 13 hospitalizations and 12 deaths.

The number of deaths being reported in Page County by VDH still does not match the figure given for COVID-19 related fatalities at Skyview Springs Rehab and Nursing Center in Luray.

On Friday morning, the facility’s administrator, Jill Irby, confirmed that the long-term care facility had seen 14 deaths of residents confirmed to have COVID-19 since April 27. The most likely reason for the difference in the fatality figures is lag time in reporting between agencies.

The first case of the coronavirus was discovered at the 120-bed Skyview Springs facility on April 21. The next day 109 residents and 117 staff members were tested for COVID-19 — resulting in 59 residents and 18 staff members testing positive.

While five staff members have returned to work — and the rest are expected to be back next week — at least 14 residents have died, and one remains hospitalized at Winchester Medical Center.

With regard to the five new cases of COVID-19 reported in Page County on Saturday, a new data breakdown by ZIP code provided by VDH shows more specifically where those cases are showing up. Among the five new cases — two were credited to Luray, two in Stanley and one in Shenandoah. As of Saturday, here’s the cumulative breakdown of cases and people tested by ZIP code:

  • ZIP code 22835 (Luray) — 76 cases, 182 tested
  • ZIP code 22851 (Stanley) — 37 cases, 88 tested
  • ZIP code 22849 (Shenandoah) — 10 cases, 70 tested 

The Lord Fairfax Health District has seen 30 new cases of COVID-19 reported each of the last two days. The local health district has seen an average of 31.5 new cases each day in May. The district now has a cumulative total of 694 cases, with 62 hospitalized and 21 deaths. 

Shenandoah County continues to lead the district, with six new cases, four new hospitalizations and two new deaths reported Saturday. Twelve new cases were reported in Frederick County. A breakdown by jurisdiction of total cumulative cases within the health district is as follows (hospitalizations – deaths):

  • 242 — Shenandoah County (22-6)
  • 162 — Frederick County (14-2)
  • 128 — Page County (13-12)
  • 82 — Warren County (9-1)
  • 64 — City of Winchester (2-0)
  • 16 — Clarke County (2-0)

Harrisonburg saw four new cases reported Saturday, while Rockingham County had 19. However, there were only three new hospitalizations between the two and no new deaths.

Statewide, 854 new cases of COVID-19 were reported this morning, an increase from the 772 new cases reported yesterday. While Virginia’s number of new cases seems to be leveling off, a decline in daily increases has not become apparent. A total of 23,196 cases of the virus have been reported statewide since March 7.

The state death toll related to the pandemic only rose by 15 in Saturday’s report, and now totals 827. Those 15 deaths represent the lowest one-day gain in Virginia since April 27. The statewide daily increases in fatalities on Thursday and Friday were 56 and 43, respectively. The first COVID-19 death in Virginia was reported March 14.

Testing continues to trend upward, with 7,732 tests administered Friday. On May 1, the state’s cumulative total for those tested jumped 14,805 — the biggest one-day total recorded so far. Since then, an average of more than 6,000 people have been tested in the state each day.

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association reports as of Saturday morning, there are 1,593 people in state hospitals who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 or are awaiting test results. Among those, 367 are in intensive care and 198 are on ventilators.

VHHA also reports that a total of 3,124 patients, who were confirmed to have COVID-19 and were hospitalized, have been discharged.

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  1. With all the above listed facts in the article, I just do Not understand why opening cabins is included in phase One of our county re-opening. What did the representatives base their decision upon? Do you have those answers? It would be interesting to read their opinions. Bringing people in from out of town, including way out of town from the Appalachian trail, just doesn’t seem right in phase one. Why not just see how it goes locally with just locals and then reasses? And keep in mind I love tourists. My seasonal business is heavily dependent on them, they’re my bread and butter, too! But some decisions need to be weighed by something other than money. I want to re-open the county just slightly more gradually. ?

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